Your publishing name and logo

Many authors choose a publishing name for publishing their book. A publishing name separates you-the-author from you-the-publisher. Your publishing name can be your own name, a business name, or a corporation. For example, if I publish a book, I might choose “Raven Books” or “Raven Press Ltd.” as my publishing name. Of course, I would first need to make sure the name was not already in use, and then register it through the appropriate government authority.

There are 3 benefits to having a publishing name and logo:

  1. Creates a publishing business. Your publishing business prints books, keeps an inventory of books and generates sales. Your business may also purchase computer and office equipment, and contract help with marketing and fulfillment. In the future, you may wish to sell your publishing business, or have someone else manage it. It can be taxed separately.
  2. Creates a brand for your publishing business. Your publishing name and logo will appear on the spine and copyright page of your book. You’ll want them on your website, business cards and marketing materials, as well as all your business correspondence including emails, letters and invoices. This helps create a brand that people will recognize, remember and associate with your business.
  3. Makes your book look professional. A sure sign of a do-it-yourself book is the missing publishing logo on the spine. Check your local bookstore, and you’ll see what I mean.

Keep your logo simple
Your publishing logo should be simple and easy to recognize (even at a small size). If you choose a color logo, also get a black and white version made to use for photocopying and black & white publications.