Sell digital editions of your book for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and other eBook readers. Your book can be read on many devices, such as eReaders, tablets, smartphones, and computers, just to name a few. eBooks are inexpensive to produce (there are no printing costs, even for color!) and convenient for readers to purchase and download. You can even make your eBook available to libraries for lending.

Formats & Readers

There are only two eBook formats, and they are both ePubs. One is fixed layout (this format is going out of favor) and the other is reflowable text. (Kindle now requires a reflowable ePub format.) When your ePub editions are ready, you’ll be able to sell them online through booksellers such as Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), iTunes (iBooks), and Chapters-Indigo (Kobo). You’ll register with eBook vendors, enter into a contract with them, and upload the appropriate edition of your eBook. Your readers will be able to find your book online, purchase it, and download the appropriate edition for their eReader.

Did you know that you don’t actually need a dedicated eReader to read eBooks? You can read eBooks on whatever electronic device you have. For example, if you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can download a free eReader or app to read Kindle or ePub eBooks. So anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone can read eBooks too.

After your print book goes to press, we’ll be happy to recommend a service to convert your book to ePub and Kindle editions for you.

“Linda is a wonderful person to work with. She has remarkable design skills and she's a tenacious problem solver. We cannot imagine working with anyone else on future books.”

Dan & Ellen Plunkett

“Linda's knowledge of all things book-related, from covers and colors and captions, to fonts and layout and photos, along with prompt and competent responses to questions, made the journey enjoyable and the end product terrific!”

Richard Ivey
A Meaningful Life

“Working with Linda was a lovely experience and my book looks absolutely great!”

Elizabeth Millis
The Almost Good Dog
“The cover of Entitled needed to give the potential reader insight into the genre, the journey of the book and the tone of the writing. Linda delivered an exceptional cover design that captured the spirit of my novel. She also handled a parallel storyline within the novel’s pages with creativity and enthusiasm. I’ve since sold thousands of copies.”
Cookie Boyle
Entitled - 100 Copies Sold to Date