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Page Design

The steps outlined below explain every stage of your page design in the order you can expect them to occur. Authors often ask us, “How long will it take?” The quick answer is four to six weeks.

Your page design, typesetting, and layout will receive as much careful attention as it needs to become the best it can be. We’ll make sure you’re completely happy with your pages before your book goes to press. That’s a promise.


& Design

First we’ll have an initial consultation and provide you with a design proposal. When you’re ready, just approve the estimate(s) and sign the digital contract. Then we’ll arrange for your 50% deposit. (If we’re also designing your book cover then these steps may have already been completed.)

Having your manuscript edited and proofread by an experienced editor beforehand is the most cost-effective in the long run. An experienced editor will make sure your text flows smoothly for your reader.

We’ll learn about your target audience to prepare two or three design options for your pages based on our discussion. Each design will consist of the first page of a chapter, followed by a two-page spread. You’ll have choices of typefaces and layout, and we’ll create your final design template according to your preferences.

When your manuscript is ready, you can email us your document together with any images. When we receive your manuscript, we’ll flow your text into the final design template and place your images. Each page will be typeset, including the front and back matter. We’ll create your title page, copyright page, table of contents, and any other front and back matter you’d like to include in your book. Then we’ll send you a PDF of your completed pages for review.

final steps

& Publish

We suggest printing your manuscript in book form (printed double sided and trimmed to size) to review as it will look different from the way you’re used to seeing it. Your editor/proofreader and yourself should each carefully review each page for any errors.

When all errors, if any, are corrected, we’ll send you a mockup of your book, printed double-sided, trimmed and bound. This helps catch details that might have been missed when looking at the manuscript, such as awkward page turns or facing pages of different lengths.

When you’re satisfied that your pages are perfect, you’ll sign a Proof Approval checklist, confirming that we’re ready to go to press. We’ll then contact your printer and you can leave all the details to us. We’ll also send you your digital files for safekeeping!

“Linda is a wonderful person to work with. She has remarkable design skills and she's a tenacious problem solver. We cannot imagine working with anyone else on future books.”

Dan & Ellen Plunkett

“Linda's knowledge of all things book-related, from covers and colors and captions, to fonts and layout and photos, along with prompt and competent responses to questions, made the journey enjoyable and the end product terrific!”

Richard Ivey
A Meaningful Life

“Working with Linda was a lovely experience and my book looks absolutely great!”

Elizabeth Millis
The Almost Good Dog
“The cover of Entitled needed to give the potential reader insight into the genre, the journey of the book and the tone of the writing. Linda delivered an exceptional cover design that captured the spirit of my novel. She also handled a parallel storyline within the novel’s pages with creativity and enthusiasm. I’ve since sold thousands of copies.”
Cookie Boyle
Entitled - 100 Copies Sold to Date