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Marion Ann Burfield

Flight Was in His Spirit: The Life of Harry Burfield

Hardcover / no dust jacket / 176 pages
Printed in full-color
ISBN: 978-1-927371-51-0
Dimensions: 10 x 8 inches

Foreword by

Flight Was In His Spirit is an interesting and entertaining biography of Harry Burfield and the history of ski jumping in British Columbia, and especially the Sun Peaks area. Included in Marion’s beautiful hard cover book are over 176 pages detailing historical views of the history of skiing in British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwestern States with over 270 archived and personal images of the story of skiing, ski jumping and looks into the past of the early beginnings of Hollyburn Mountain and Tod Mountain (now known as Sun Peaks).Tragically on Saturday, June 12, 1971, Harry Burfield and three others were killed in a plane crash on the back side of Tod Mountain.

About the Author

As the second child of Harry and Katherine Burfield, Marion Ann Burfield spent her first four years living at Hollyburn Mountain in West Vancouver. In 1961 she and her family moved to the Kamloops area, where her father assisted in the development of the Tod Mountain Ski Resort.