Children’s Books , Fiction , Full Color

Nicolas Carter

Hanish, The Story of the Harp
Published by Harpist Nicolas Productions
ISBN 978-1-7332799-0-1
Printed in full-color
Softcover: 36 pages
Dimensions: ‎ 8 x 10 inches
Printed and bound in the United States

Foreword by

Perhaps the title of Nicolas Carter’s marvelous book should read: Make music, not violence! His story, with fabulous illustrations by Arlette Vaistij, reveals how a weapon can be transformed into an instrument of peace and how magical the harp can be. We need more stories like Hanish The Story of the Harp to speak to our hearts! This is a book that will bring hope to readers from six to ninety! ~ Jack Zipes, Fairy-tale Scholar, Professor Ameritus, University of Minnesota

About the Author

Nicolas Carter, Author is an international Paraguayan harpist, storyteller, theatre director and educator. He began creating stories for his children sat bedtime. He accompanies his own storytelling with the harp for children in the New York public schools.

Maliya Gorman-Carter, Writer is an interdisciplinary performing artist and writer originally from Minnesota. She travels and immerses in diverse cultural settings and performance genres such as circus, theater, comedy, dance, film and music.

Arlette Vaistij, Illustrator is an international artist dedicated to engraving and painting. She was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently lives in France where she teaches in schools, media libraries, social centers and art therapy workshops.