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University Women’s Club of Vancouver

Write, Cry, Laugh, Repeat

Authors: Karen Breau, Tricia Daum, Susan Fielden, Joyce Grant, Susan Mogan, and Mary Stewart.
Edited by Susan M Boyce
ISBN: 978-1-9991425-0-6
Printed in B&W: 149 pages

Foreword by

For most women with an interest in the written word, the normal thing to do is form a book club and get together once a month or so over wine to compare notes about some piece of literature—often with lots of laughter and sometimes tears.

Clearly, that wasn’t enough for some of the passionate, diverse, professional members of the University Women’s Club of Vancouver. Forming the ‘Monday Writers Group,’ these mostly first-time writers quickly discovered that not only could they write, they could write well.

What began innocently as a series of writing exercises is now a book. Focusing on the themes of childhood, family, life experiences and misadventures, the Hycroft women’s personal short stories will not only delight and entertain readers, but inform them about some of the formative experiences in the lives of these inspiring women as seen through their eyes. ~ Gordon Clark, Editorial Pages Editor, The Vancouver Sun & The Province

About the Authors

Karen Breau, Tricia Daum, Susan Fielden, Joyce Grant, Susan Mogan, and Mary Stewart belong to the University Women’s Club of Vancouver and formed the ‘Monday Writers Group’ to explore their unique writing styles and push their own boundaries as writers.

Karen Breau

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