Start a style sheet

Start a style sheetEditors create style sheets to keep spelling and punctuation consistent throughout your book. A style sheet usually consists of a chart with a space for each letter of the alphabet, and a space for notes at the bottom.

View my style sheet
I created a style sheet for this website, and you can view it by clicking on the link below. You’ll see that I’ve made decisions about how certain words are to be spelled or hyphenated, and how I’ll use punctuation. In future when I add a page to this website, I’ll refer to my style sheet to make sure the spelling and punctuation on the new page is consistent with the rest of the site.

PDFStyle Sheet (PDF: 10 KB / 1 page)

Create your own style sheet
Style sheets are easy to use. You can get started by clicking the link below to download a blank style sheet (it’s a Word document).

Download a blank style sheet

As you’re going through your manuscript, jot down any unusual words on your style sheet under the appropriate letter. If you have to check the spelling of a word, add it to your style sheet—then you won’t have to look it up again.

Make a note of any words you have a choice about using. For example, you could write “United States” or “US” or “U.S.” or “USA.” Add your choice to your style sheet and use it throughout your whole book.

Under Notes, you can write down any rules you plan to use, such as spelling (Canadian, American, British or Australian), or how you plan to write down numbers (spelling them out or using digits).

Once you’ve created your style sheet, keep it as a reference for any future writing you may do relating to your book. Use your style sheet for your book, website, press releases, and all other materials you create in support of your book. Then you’ll have a consistent style throughout.